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Thanks for helping to get the word out, especially in honor of our young musicians and artists who need a helping hand. You guys are awesome!
Jodi Farrell
Thanks Ventura Rocks-Website! We love you guys!
Karen Eden
Thanks so much! I love the Ventura music scene. I've been finding myself playing there often these days. Thanks for the promo!
Rich Sheldon
This is what makes us a music town. Original musicians and songwriters.
Randall Richman
Thanks for sharing our event. Looking forward to a great night with good friends. Bring it watermark!
Bloody Mary Morning Band
Ventura-Rocks really does Rock!
Franklin Murphy
Awesome and congrats! Four years is a big accomplishment!
Chi McClean
Thank you for this great service to the arts!
Adam Clark
Please accept my appreciation and congratulations on your four years of serving Ventura's musicians and live music lovers!
Doug Johnson
Just to let you know that we are very grateful for all you do. I suspect its a bit of a thankless job. It's our/my contention that Vta music would not be nearly as healthy as it is without your efforts.
Michael Golden
Frontstreet Prophets
A really great site and service!
Darrin Yarbough
Thanks for the support!!!
Guy Martin
Thanks Ventura Rocks-Website! We love you guys!
Donna Greene
Ventura Rocks, what you bring to the music community is awesome and we are all very grateful.
Thank you for your support.
Winchester Rebels
Happy Birthday from your biggest fan! Thanks for all your hard work, your love of music and your unwavering support of the local scene and the musicians involved in it.
Steve Williams
Thanks Ventura Rocks-Website! We love you guys!
Margie Mewshaw Nelson
Thanks, Ventura Rocks, for sharing our post!
Brian Faith Band:
Ernie Joseph, Cory Orosco, Johnny Podz, Karen Perry & Brian Faith
  3 on a Match
Rockabilly / Swing
  4 on the Floor
Top 40 / Dance / Rock
Click to buy CD 50 Sticks of Dynamite
50 Sticks - first album
50 Sticks - latest album
click to buy 8Stops7
  900 Pound Gorilla
Rock / Metal / Punk
Hip Hop/Rap
  About Time
Folk / Rock
  Action Down
Dance Rock that Rocks!!!
  A.D.D. - the Band
Funk to Punk
  Adam Clark Band
click to buy Adam Lasher Band
  Adversity Breeds Creation
Rock / Rap / Punk
click to buy Alexandra and the Starlight Band
Rock / Glitter / Glam
  Alastair Greene Band
Blues Rock
Click to buy Alicia Murphy
Indie / Folk / Rock
  All Natural Ingredients
Indie / Alternative!/allnaturalingredientsband 
click to buy All Seeing Eyes
Rock / Punk / Glam
Heavy Ass Rock
  Amanda and Travis
Country / Rock
buy now! Ana.stasia
Alt. Hip Hop / Classical / Jazz / Christian
Downtempo / Comedy / Pop / Rock / Psychedlic
Anchor & Bear
Folk / Rock
  Angie's Curse
Dark Rock Band
  AOA - Age of Aquarius
Alternative / Punk / Emo / Rock
Anthony Moreno
Experimental /Alt Hip Hop / Conscious Rap / Comedy Rap / Soul / Funk
  Aron van Alstine
Eclectic Rock'n'Roll
click to buy Army of Freshmen
Rock / Pop Punk / Powerpop
  The Art Rockers
Eclectic Indie / Alternative / Classic Rock  / Psychedelia
  August Rising
Modern Rock / Adult Contemporary / Indie / Alternative
Rock / Blues / Progressive
Classic Rock
  Band of Outlaws
Alternative Folk-Rock with an Outlaw Twist
  Banned for Life
Punk / Hardcore / Rock 'n' Roll
  Barrelhouse Wailers
Vintage Acoustic Jazz and Blues
  Beach City Sound Club
Classic R&B Covers
  Ben Buttner Guitarist
Jazz / Funk / Soul / Rock
  Big Adventure
Acoustic and electric pop and rock, 60's to today page
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Swing / Jazz / Rock
  Big Dictator
Rock / Indie / Alternative
  Big Jugs
Country / Americana / Rockabilly
  Big Tweed
Country / Americana / Western Swing
  Bill Horn
8 bands in one! Sgt Pepper, etc...
  Bill MacPherson
Smooth Jazz
Surf / Punk / Rock
  Black Dragon
  Black Party Politics
Rock / Pop
  Blue Locution
Alternative Rock
  Blue Stew
Swinging Blues Rock spiced with a dash of the Delta & a Swamp water chaser.
  Bobby Campbell and the Acoustic Circus
Classic Rock / Reggae / Punk Rock / Folk / Originals
  Bobby Watley and Funk Inc.
Funk / Jazz / Blues
  The Bomb
Funk / Latin / R&B
  Boogie Stew
Classic Rock / Rock / Southern Rock
  Brian Faith Band
Classic Rock / Rock
Brian Wright
Americana / Rock & Roll 
Brilliant Machine
  Bryan McCann & Friends
Bullet Made Statues
Psychedelic / R&B / Rock!home/mainPage 
  The Bumps
Jazz / Classic Rock / Pop - 60s 70s 80s and beyond
   B Willing James
Original tunes
R&B / Funk / Motown / Classic Soul / Cumbias & Salsa
Contact:  (805) 754-8366
Cameron Ray
Folk-Pop / Outlaw-Country
  Casper Cruz
Real Hip-Hop / Rap / Dance
  Catfish Fry
  Catholic Spit
  Champagne Sunday
Alternative / Rock |
  Channel Islands Chamber Orchestra

click to buy


Charles Law Band
Alt / Americana / Folk Rock / Rock
  Chase Christen
Coastal / Alternative
Chill Child
Surf Rock / Stoner Pop

Chris O'Brien
  Christopher Hawley Rollers
  Cinder Jean & Robert Thomas
Folk / Blues
  Cirque Noir
  Coastal Eddie and the Breakers
American Rock and Roll - Blues - Classic Rock
  Coda Jazz Trio
Rock / Alternative
R&B / Jazz / Hip Hop
www.facebook page
  Cowboy Surfer
Blues  /  Classic Rock  / Jam Band
  Craig Thomas
Jazz / Blues / R&B
Click to buy Crawdad
Hip Hop / Rap
Classic Rock - 70's, 80's and 90's
Carmen and the Redneck Vigilantes

Dan Grimm
Acoustic / California Flip-Floppytonk
  Daniel Chavez
Electronic Music
  Danielle Taylor
Piano-based pop
  Dave Gleason Band
Americana / Country / Roots Music
  Davey Miller Arts
  Dead of Night
Gothic / Rock / Punk
  December's Children
Cover tunes
  Deep Pockets
Funk / Jazz Instrumentals
From Cool Jazz, Hot Blues To Spicy Classic Rock
  De La Crank
Rock and Roll
Delaney Gibson
Folk / Pop / Alternative
  The Deltaz
  Dezmo's Blues
Blues / Swing / R&B 
Dirty Rice
  Divine Crime
Reggae / Rock / Soul / Dub
  D. on Darox & the Melody Joy Bakers
Dirty / Gypsy / Blues / with a Slice of Cabaret
  Donna Lynn Caskey
Singer/Songwriter Folk / Americana
  Doug Brucher
Boomer Rock
  Doug Johnson w/ Funkyard
Indie / Neo-Soul / Other
  Dr. M
Rock / Classic Rock / Hard Rock / Disco Covers
  Dream Asylum
Alternative Rock / Pop Rock / Electronica / Psychadelic
  Dry County
Bon Jovi Tribute Band
  The DTease
Rock / Glam / Punk
  Easy Bear
Rock / Pop   
  Ed Berghoff
Rock / Country / Blues
Indie / Rock / Funk / Soul / Folk / Blues
Covers / Classic Rock / Top Hits / R&B
Twitter:  @ElectricityBand
  Emilbus: A Tribute to Sublime
  End Transmission
Rock / Powerpop
  Epitome of Dreams
Acoustic / Electric Classics to Contemporary Multi
Genre & Originals 
  The Estrada Brothers
Jazz / Latin / Lounge
  Facing the Fallen
  Fall of the Domino
Classic & Modern Rock Cover Tunes
  Far From Kansas
Indie / Rock / Folk Rock
  The Ferrell Experiment
California Acoustic Folk
  Fish Fry
Good Vibes
  Flat Tire
Original Blues / Blues / Rock
  Flattop Tom & His Jump Cats
Swing / Rockabilly / Blues / Jump Blues / Swing Jazz 
  Fool's Paradise
Rock / Metal / Progressive
  Forbidden Fruit
Reggae Dance Music
  The Four Pops
60s-90s / Classic Rock /Alternative / Blues
click to buy Franchot Tone
Reggae / Pop-Rock / Funk / Soul
  Frank Barajas
Oldies / Rock & Roll
Frank Cruz and the New Deal
Franck Goldwasser
(formerly known as Paris Slim)
  Franklin for Short
Indie / Surf / Americana
  Full Metal Jam
Heavy Metal Classics
  Galvanized Souls
  The Generator
Heavy Rock / Surf Punk
click to buy CD Ghost of a Locomotive
Original Americana  
  The Good Age
Rock / Alternative / Pop-Punk
  Grace Gravity
Folk Rock  / Cosmic Music
  Grizzly Buddha
Experimental Rock 
  Groove Streetz Band
Classic Rock / Blues / R&B
  Guy Martin
  Gypsy Stew
Americana / Folk / Country / Rock
Hans Ottsen
Jazz / Instrumentals / Americana
  Happens Again...
Roots / Americana Band
  Hard Six
Rockabilly / Punkabilly!/hardsix
  Hard Times
American Blues, Country and Classic Rock
click to buy cd Harlis Sweetwater Band
  Hawks & Britt
Americana / Acoustic / Folk
Classic Rock / Rock  
  Heart Love Alive
Heart Tribute Band
  Heather Rae and Tumbleweed
Alternative / Folk / Blues
  Herbal Rootz
  The Hidden Language
Rock / Blues / Freestyle
  Hot Roux
New Orleans blues and jazz with rock, swing and even country.
  The Hours Before
Rock / Indie / Jam Band / Punk
  House Arrest Band
R&B / Oldies / Classic Rock / Latin Soul
  Howlin' Woods
The Hubcap Stealers
Roots Rock
  The Hunter and the Prey
Upbeat Alternative
  Ill Repute
Reggae / Rock
  Inna Rude Mood
Classic Rock / Up-tempo Blues / Funk
R&B / Dance / Latin...
  Irratic Behavior
Punk / Ska
Punk Ranchero
  Jade Hendrix
Acoustic Soul
  James Broz Band
(J.D. & James Wolff)
Acoustic / Rock / Pop / Country
Jazz Punks
Jazz / Rock Mash Ups 
  Jena Douglas
Country / 70's Soft Rock / Americana Rock
John Fullbright
Americana / Folk
  The Johnson Account
  Kacey Cubero
Americana / Alternative / Country
  Karen Eden
Singer / Songwriter / Acoustic
Keefe Novoa & the Money Makers
Blues / Rock / R&B / Brown Eyed Soul
Kelly's Lot
Blues / Rock 
  The Kill Junkies
  Kristin Lee
Jazz / Lounge / Latin
  Kyle Hunt & the King Gypsy
Acoustic / Folk / Rock
  Lainey Taylor
Jazz / indie / singer/songwriter
Rock / Alt / Indie 
click to buy Lee Koch
Americana / Blues / Soul
Reggae / Dub /Reggae
  LG and Unwritten
Hip hop / Neo Soul   
  Lion I's
Reggae / Ska / Reggae Funk
Rock / Pop / Folk
Roots Music / Rock / Reggae
  Los Dudes
Junk Rock
  The Lovejoy Band
Rock Classics / R&B / Funk / Soul
  Lyrically Gifted
Hip Hop / Neo Soul
Indie Rock for the Soul Surfer
Surf / Punk / Pop / Rock
  Masters of the Past
Classic Rock 60's 70's 80's
  Matthew Moran
Modern Americana
  Mayors of Garrett (M.O.G.)
Medicine Hat
Alternative Americana Rock
  Men on the Moon
Classic Hits: 60's, 70's, 80's, Rock / Swing / Blues / Disco
  Merlin Snider
  Mid Life Crisis
Rock / Classic Rock Cover Tunes
  The Midnight Callers
  Mighty Cash Cats
Johnny Cash Tribute Band
  Mike Nisky
  Mike West
Solo Acoustic / Vocal, Today's hits and Yesterday's Favorites Beatlemaniac
The Milk Carton Kids
Folk / Americana  
  Mini Driver
Favorite Dance Tunes
  Model Citizen
Cover Band / Rockin' Dance Gems 70's to Today
Click to listen and then buy! Mostly
  Mouse Grey
Alternative / Garage
  Music from SS
Acoustic / Alternative Grunge / Rock
  My Brother's Band
Classic Rock / Rock & Roll
  The Mystery Band
Classic Rock
Natalie Gelman
  Nathan McEuen
Progressive mix of America, Rock & Bluegrass (CD Baby)
Indie /Alternative / Punk / Metal
  The Neil Affair
Neil Diamond Tribute Band  
Contact: Jason Clay (800) 231-6135 -
  The Next Band
Classic Rock Dance Band
New Liberty
  Niki Saletta
Cinematic Rock
Originals / Rock / Alternative Rock
Once a Wolf
Hard Rock / Metal / Blues
  Out of Trust
Melodic Hardcore
  Papa Doo Run Run
Classic Rock, Beach Boys Tribute
  Paul Starling
  Peter McCarthy
Rock / Classic Rock / Blues / Acoustic
Rock / Originals
  Pharaoh Queen
Hard Rock / Metal
  Pier 101
Jazz Standards / Lounge / Motown / Oldies / Rock
  Piranha (formerly Feisty Piranhas)
Screamer Magazine review
  POOR (Point of Our Resistance)
  The Pop-o-matics
Rock & Roll / Shameless Pop
  Preachers & Pornstars
Hard Rock / Metal!/prchsNprnstars
  The Preachers Blues Band
Blues / Rock / Roots Music
  Preston Smith
  The Pretty Uglys
  The Pullman
Rock and Roll
Pull the Trigger
Hard Rock/Metal 
  Rachel Sedacca
  Radio Threat
Rockin Fkn Roll
  Raging Arb and the Redheads
American Roots / Rock N Roll
  R&B Bombers
Blues / R&B / Swing
  Raised on Vinyl
Classic Rock

Ray Jaurique & the Uptown Brothers
Original Blues & Soul

  Ray Jay Blues Band
Blues / Soul / Rockabilly
  Red Rhythm
Classic Rock / Blues and Funk
Alternative / Latin / Rock
  Restless Hillfillies
Folk / Acoustic / Americana
  Reverend Tall Tree & the Blackstrap Brothers
Driving Blues / Gospel / Howling Harmonica 
  Rey Fresco
  Rick Hunter
Rock / Classic Rock / Southern Rock
  Robert Gray
Songwriter / Pop / Alternative / Soundscapes
  Robert Turner
  Rocket 68
Classic Rock Covers
  The Rock Kings
Classic Rock Cover Band 
  Rooster Ra
Folk Rock / Americana / Psychedelic

click to buy CD

The Rubberneck Lions
Alternative / Rock 
  Sam Saletta
  Seconds from Disaster
Experimental / Rock
  The Seraphim Rising
Rock / Gothic / Psychedlic
  Seth Pettersen & The Undertow
Garage / Idol / Psychadelic 
  Sgt. Pepper
Beatles Tribute Band
  Shades of Day
Rock / Soul / Roots Music
click to buy Shaky Feelin'
Rock / Reggae / Experimental / Psychedelic
Shane Alexander
click to buy Shawn Jones
Rock / Blues / Country / Roots / Soul / Americana
  The Sheiks of the Oxnard Plain
Classic Rock / R&B / Dance Music
  Shoddy Cons
Hip-Hopish Blues Post Proto Punk
click to buy Shoemaker Brothers
Alternative / Blues / Folk Rock
  Shure Thing Blues Band
  The Sideshow Preachers
Country / Americana / Country
  Sin Chonies
Top 40 / Rock / Pop / Alternative
Twitter: @SKICKrocks
  Smalltown Zeros
Hip Hop / Trip Hop
Smokey & Friends
Blues / Rock / Reggae /Soul
rock / latin / metal / salsa / jazz / funk
  Sonic Stew
Classic Covers
  Soul Machine
Motown / Old School R&B
click to buy at CD Baby Spencer the Gardener
California sun kissed, Latin tinged, genre bending,
big band Surf Mariachi indie pop affair
Hip Hop
  Standard Deviance
Blues Rock Covers
  Steve White & the Barstool Pigeons
Blues / Soul / Roots Music
  Steve Williams
click to buy StoneFlys
Ska / Reggae
  Streetwise Symphony
Reggae World Dance

Suburban Moms
Hardcore Punk/Alternative
  Suspect 6
  Tall Tales & The Silver Lining
Indie / Folk / Rock / Psych
  Tasty Thieves
Rock / Alternative / Classic Rock
  Tattered Angels
Rock & Roll / Punk
  Teresa Russell
Blues / Rock
  Timmy Curran
Folk / Rock
Thieves & Lovers
Rock / Alternative / Acoustic

  This Year's Blonde
Rock & Pop covers
  Three Rivers Band, The
Classic Rock / Blues 
Toad the Wet Sprocket
Alternative Rock
Todd Hannigan
Americana / Folk Rock / Surf
  Tommy Allen Band
  Tommy Marsh and Bad Dog
Click here to buy CD Toni Jannotta
  Totalizers, The
Rock / Blues / Surf
  Trent Hinkforth
  Turn 9 Blues Band
A local three piece blues and rock band, playing live for your entertainment.
  Udongo Dreams
"OrganiK Meditative Free Jazz"
  Under Cover
Covers: 70's to current
  UnUsual Suspects
Modern / Alternative / Classic Rock cover band
click to buy The Ventucky String Band
Roots Music & Bluegrass!
  Ventura Jazz Orchestra
  Ventura Sky
Classic Rock - Cover & Originals
  Vertigo Blend
Alternative / Rock / Pop
  VJC - Ventura Jazz Collective
Jazz / Bossa Nova / Blues
  VooDoo Dogs
Classic Rock / Blues / Funk
  Wages of Fear
Punk / Thrash
  Warren Takahashi
Acoustic / Light Rock
(805) 901-6531
click to buy We Govern We
Indie / Pop / Rock
  What Goes Up
Punk Rock / Pop Punk
  What the Funk
  Whiskey Chimp
Bluegrass to Punk Rock to Mariachi
Whiskey Glass Eye CD Whiskey Glass Eye
Rock / Alt Country
The White Buffalo CD The White Buffalo
  White Elephant
Alternative Rock
  Wild Ride

click to buy

Winchester Rebels
Rock / Heavy Rock
  Wooden Nomad
Modern Rock / Alt. Metal
click to buy Xavier Montes
Contemporary Sonic and Visual / Baroque Paraguyan Harp / Chicano Folk
contact: tist / Baroque par
click to buy Zachary James and the All Seeing Eyes
Real Rock 'N' Roll!/ZacharyJamesBand

Mother of Dissension
Self-titled Album
Bloody Mary Morning
That Girl
Donna Deussen &
The Paul Weitz Trio
On the Street Where You Live
Dan Grimm
Average Savage
The Calamity
A Ghost of These Moments
Hans Ottsen
Music for Mind Movies
Shaky Feelin'
Live at Green Art People
50 Sticks of Dynamite
Love Dream Truth Love
Shawn Jones
Struggle Makes You Stronger
Spencer the Gardener
Breaking My Own Heart
Chi McClean
A Thing or Three
Winchester Rebels
3 Sheets to the Wind

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