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Week at a Glance:
January 26 - January February 1, 2015
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546 E. Main Street
(805) 874-2232
Monday 26-Jan 6:00 pm
10 on Main
8:30 pm
Joey's Blues Jam
Tuesday 27-Jan 6:00 pm
Nathan McEuen
8:30 pm
Beers Brothers open mic
Wednesday 28-Jan 6 pm
Jazz on Main
Toni Jannotta
9 pm
Mark Masson
Thursday 29-Jan 7:00 pm
Gypsy Blues Band
Friday 30-Jan 6 pm
Fish Fry
9 pm
Mojo Filter
Saturday 31-Jan 6 pm
Camp Franco
9 pm
Soul Machine
Sunday 1-Feb No music


Bell Arts Factory
432 N. Ventura Avenue
(805) 643-1960



Billy O's
2819 E. Main Street
(805) 652-0327
Monday 26-Jan Acoustic Mondays
Tuesday 27-Jan 6 pm
Open Jam Night
Wednesday 28-Jan  
Thursday 29-Jan Karaoke
Friday 30-Jan Final Friday at Location
5 pm
Ill Repute
False Confession
Stop Breathing
Los Creepers
Wooden Nomads
Chill Child
The Cursed Bastards
Saturday 31-Jan Final Night at Location
5 pm
Passengers of Rapture
Death Benefit
Le Mue Le Purr
Die Evil Die
The Navanax
Suburban Moms
Crazy D & the Nutz
Hawks & Britt…


Bombay Bar and Grill
143 S. California Street
(805) 643-4404
Monday 26-Jan closed
Tuesday 27-Jan closed
Wednesday 28-Jan The Session w/
special guests
The Hard Times Band
Thursday 29-Jan Musician's Brew
Friday 30-Jan Front Stage:
10 pm
Shaky Feelin'
Saturday 31-Jan Back stage:
10 pm
Herbal Rootz
Sunday 1-Feb Rey Fresco
Superbowl Party!


Cafe Fiore &
Tree House Lounge

66 S. California Street
Monday 26-Jan  
Tuesday 27-Jan Instone
Wednesday 28-Jan Big Adventure
Thursday 29-Jan Rick Whitfield
Friday 30-Jan Mojo box
Saturday 31-Jan Soul Infusion
Sunday 1-Feb  


The Cave
4435 McGrath Street
Monday 26-Jan  
Tuesday 27-Jan  
Wednesday 28-Jan  
Thursday 29-Jan 5:30 - 8:30
Warren Takahaski
Friday 30-Jan  
Saturday 31-Jan 5:30 - 8:30
Varon Thomas
Sunday 1-Feb  


Centre for Art & Talk
2855 N. Johnson Ave, Suite a


Dargan's Irish Pub & Restaurant
593 Main Street
Sunday 1-Feb 4 pm
Sunday Drivers


Discovery Ventura
1888 E. Thompson Blvd
(805) 452-4967
Friday 30-Jan 9 pm
The Caverns
Saturday 31-Jan  
Sunday 1-Feb  


Downtown Ventura
Various locations
Special Events


El Rey Cantina
294 E Main Street
(805) 653-1111
Friday 30-Jan 4 pm
Xoco Moraza
& Friends  
Saturday 31-Jan  
Sunday 1-Feb  


The Garage
1091 Scandia Avenue
(805) 647-9681


Gigi's Cocktail Lounge
2493 Grand Avenue
(805) 642-2411
Monday 26-Jan Jam Night with
Maggie's Drawer
Tuesday 27-Jan Necrofilth
Crazy D & The Nutz
Sin Quince
Wednesday 28-Jan  
Thursday 29-Jan Karaoke
Friday 30-Jan Karaoke
Saturday 31-Jan The Robert Heft Blues Band
Sunday 1-Feb  


Golden China Restaurant
760 S. Seaward
(805) 652-1188
Monday 26-Jan 10 pm
Tuesday 27-Jan 6 - 10 pm
open mic
10 pm
Wednesday 28-Jan Karaoke
Thursday 29-Jan 6:30 pm
Swing Night
10 pm
Friday 30-Jan 9:30 pm
DJ Carlos
Cumbia music
10 pm
Saturday 31-Jan 10 pm
Sunday 1-Feb 9:30 pm
Reggae Sundays
10 pm


Gone West Cellars
5963 Olivas Park Drive #A
(805) 206-7651


Grapes and Hops
454 E. Main Street
(805) 616-2375
Thursday 29-Jan 8-10 pm
Karen Eden & Doug Johnson
Friday 30-Jan 8 - 11 pm
Shawn Jones
Saturday 31-Jan 8 - 11 pm
Brandon Ragan Revival
Sunday 1-Feb  


The Greek at the Harbor
1583 Spinnaker Dr #101
(805) 650-5350
Friday 16-Jan 7:30
(Belly Dancing & more)
Live Bouzouki
Greek Music 
Then DJ Dancing
Saturday 17-Jan 7:30
(Belly Dancing & more)
Live Bouzouki
Greek Music 
Then DJ Dancing


Green Art People
(Boho Alley)
140B Ventura Avenue
(805) 729-2361
Wednesday 28-Jan 6:30 pm
Prana Brothers
The Louvels 


Hong Kong Inn
435 Thompson Blvd
(805) 648-3161
Thursday 29-Jan 9 pm
Roots Revolution Reggae Night featuring:
Herbal Rootz
Friday 30-Jan 7:30 pm
Polynesian Show
9:30 pm
Teresa Russell
Saturday 31-Jan 7 - 10 pm
Toni Jannotta w/
Nigel Taylor & Michael Velasquez
Sunday 1-Feb 5 pm
Chris Golden & Meridian


Keynote Lounge
10245 E Telephone Road
(805) 647-9390
Monday 26-Jan  
Tuesday 27-Jan Karaoke
Wednesday 28-Jan Karaoke
Thursday 29-Jan Open mic night
Friday 30-Jan Tex Pistols
Saturday 31-Jan Time Bomb
Sunday 1-Feb  


Majestic Ventura Theater
26 S. Chestnut Street
(805) 653-0721
Saturday 31-Jan John Ondrasik of
Five for Fighting with
Glen Phillips


Margarita Villa
1567 Spinnaker Drive
(805) 654-7906


Milano's Italian Restaurant
Ventura Harbor Village
Tuesday 27-Jan Bluegrass jam


Museum of Ventura County
100 E. Main Street
(805) 6


O'Leary's Side Bar
6555 Telephone Road
(805) 6
Monday 26-Jan  
Tuesday 27-Jan  
Wednesday 28-Jan Karaoke
Thursday 29-Jan  
Friday 30-Jan  
Saturday 31-Jan  
Sunday 1-Feb Karaoke


2 W. Main Street
(805) 652-1072

Monday 26-Jan  
Tuesday 27-Jan Country Night 
Wednesday 28-Jan Karaoke 
Thursday 29-Jan  
Friday 30-Jan DJ  
Saturday 31-Jan DJ  
Sunday 1-Feb  


Padrino's Ristorante
185 Santa Clara
(805) 667-9062
Friday 30-Jan  
Saturday 31-Jan 6-9 pm
Del Franklin
Sunday 1-Feb  


The Paradise Pantry
222 E. Main Street
(805)  641-9440  


The Patio
Players Casino
6580 Auto Center Drive
(805)  643-1392
Friday 30-Jan The Bomb
Saturday 31-Jan Big Adventure
Sunday 1-Feb  


Peirano's Restaurant
204 E Main Street
(805) 648-4853  -
Monday 26-Jan  
Tuesday 27-Jan  
Wednesday 28-Jan  
Thursday 29-Jan  
Friday 30-Jan Sunnarborg-Riviera duo
Saturday 31-Jan  
Sunday 1-Feb  


Pierpont Inn
550 San Jon Road
(805) 643-6144
Friday 30-Jan 7 - 9 pm
Ken Minardi
Saturday 31-Jan 6 - 9 pm
Mark Anthony


Poinsettia Pavillion
3451 Foothill Road
(805) 648-1143


Prime Steakhouse
& Winebar

2209 E. Thompson Blvd
(805) 652-1055
Tuesday 27-Jan 6 pm
Danny D.
Sinatra cover tunes  

Red Cove  

Red Cove
1809 E. Main Street
(805) 643-1101
Thursday 29-Jan  
Friday 30-Jan  
Saturday 31-Jan Castle
Behold! The Monolith
Hessian Wolf Children
Hard Rock
Sunday 1-Feb  


The Rhumb Line
1510 Anchor's Way Drive
(805) 642-1200
Friday 30-Jan 6:30 pm
Live Music
Saturday 31-Jan 6:30 pm
Live Music
Sunday 1-Feb 5 pm
Live Music


Rookees Sports Bar
419 E. Main Street
(805) 648-6862
Friday 30-Jan Rotating DJs
Saturday 31-Jan Rotating DJs


Saloon BBQ Co.
456 E. Main Street
(805) 667-8550
Thursday 29-Jan Matt Sayles
Friday 30-Jan Downtown All Starz
Saturday 31-Jan Barrelhouse Wailers
Sunday 1-Feb Walt Dunlop


Sandbox Coffeehouse
204 E. Thompson Blvd.
(805) 641-1025
Thursday 29-Jan 6 pm
Open mic night
Friday 30-Jan  
Saturday 31-Jan noon
Live Music
Sunday 1-Feb noon
Live Music


The Sans Souci
21 S. Chestnut Street
(805) 643-4539
Monday 26-Jan Karaoke
Tuesday 27-Jan Twisted Tuesday
Wednesday 28-Jan Open mic
w/ Sin Chonies
Thursday 29-Jan DJ Shane Gibson
Friday 30-Jan Sick Boy
Social D Tribute Band
Saturday 31-Jan Cursed Bastards
Raven Claw Hammer
Sunday 1-Feb DJ Darko


Shanghai Beer Garden
34 N. Palm
(805) 667-8118


Squashed Grapes
2351 E. Main Street

(805) 643-7300
Wednesday 28-Jan Coda
Thursday 29-Jan Hans Ottsen Trio
Friday 30-Jan The Pulse Daddies
Saturday 31-Jan Nee's Bees


Star Lounge
343 E. Main Street
(805) 648-4709
Wednesday 28-Jan  
Thursday 29-Jan  
Friday 30-Jan The Sheiks
Saturday 31-Jan Full Blast


Surf Brewery
4561 Market Street
(805) 644-2739
Monday 26-Jan  
Tuesday 27-Jan 6-8 pm
Medicine Hat
Wednesday 28-Jan  
Thursday 29-Jan  
Friday 30-Jan  
Saturday 31-Jan Frank Barajas
Sunday 1-Feb  


The Tavern
211 E Santa Clara
(805) 643-3264
Monday 26-Jan Motown Mondays
Tuesday 27-Jan Karaoke
Wednesday 28-Jan Metal Wednesday
Thursday 29-Jan DJs
college night
Friday 30-Jan Indie Showcase:
Welfare Talent
Saturday 31-Jan The Caverns
Sunday 1-Feb  


Ventura Beach Club
281 W. Main Street
(818) 307-7598
Friday 30-Jan Hi Hat Entertainment
Jai Malano


Ventura County Fairgrounds
10 Harbor Blvd.
(805) 648-3376


Ventura Harbor
& Carousel Stage

Ventura Harbor
(805) 642-8538


598 E. Main Street
(805) 643-6800
Friday 30-Jan Mini Driver
Saturday 31-Jan Shari Puorto 
Sunday 1-Feb Closed for Superbowl


The Wine Rack
14 S. California Street
(805) 653-9463
Friday 30-Jan 8 - 11 pm
Catfish Fry
Saturday 31-Jan 8 - 11 pm
Jill Martini Soiree
Gypsy Swing


The 805 Bar
1575 Spinnaker Drive
(805) 642-9463


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