Ventura Gigs & Events

Week at a Glance:
February 1, 2016 - February 7, 2016
Venue Alphabetical Listing of Events
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Amigo's Surf Cantina
546 E. Main Street
(805) 874-2232
Monday 1-Feb 6pm
Danelle Stacy
8:30 pm
Joey's B's Acoustic
Blues Jam
Tuesday 2-Feb 8:30 pm
Beers Brothers
Open mic
Wednesday 3-Feb 8 pm
Amigo's House Band
guest player
Mark Masson
Rock Jams
Thursday 4-Feb 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Karen Eden Trio
Acoustic Favorites
8:00 pm
Gypsy Blues Band
Friday 5-Feb 8 pm
Crosscut 805
Classic Rock
Saturday 6-Feb 8 pm
Cherry Bomb
Mellencamp tribute band
Sunday 7-Feb 5-8 pm
The Tossers
Brit Rock Favorites
9 pm


Boatyard Cafe
Ventura Harbor
1583 Spinnaker Dr #109
(805) 850-0202
Monday 1-Feb  
Tuesday 2-Feb  
Wednesday 3-Feb  
Thursday 4-Feb 6-9 pm
Bluegrass jam
Friday 5-Feb 6-9 pm
Bobby & Steve
Saturday 6-Feb Catfish
Sunday 7-Feb  


Bombay Bar and Grill
143 S. California Street
(805) 643-4404
Monday 1-Feb  
Tuesday 2-Feb  
Wednesday 3-Feb Tommy Marsh
The Session
special guest
Donna Greene
Thursday 4-Feb Acoustic Night
with Andre
Friday 5-Feb Front room
End Transmission
Back room
The Velveteen Band
Saturday 6-Feb Front stage
Highway Starr
Rockin' Country
Back Stage

Grateful Dead Music Experience
Mark Masson
Rock Grooves
Sunday 7-Feb  


Cafe Fiore &
Tree House Lounge

66 S. California Street
Monday 1-Feb  
Tuesday 2-Feb Bernie Meisinger
Wednesday 3-Feb Bryan McCann
Thursday 4-Feb Coso Live
Funk, R&B, Jazz, Rock
Friday 5-Feb Soul Infusion
Jazz, Funk, Soul
Saturday 6-Feb Instone
R&B Dance Latin
Sunday 7-Feb  


The Cave
4435 McGrath Street
Thursday 4-Feb 5:30 - 8:30 pm
Warren Takahashi
Solo Acoustic Dinner Tunes
Friday 5-Feb 5:30 - 8:30 pm
Warren Takahashi
Solo Acoustic Dinner Tunes


Dargan's Irish Pub & Restaurant
593 Main Street
Sunday 7-Feb 4 pm
Sunday Drivers
Traditional Irish


Discovery Ventura
1888 E. Thompson Blvd
(805) 452-4967
Monday 1-Feb  
Tuesday 2-Feb  
Wednesday 3-Feb 6:30 pm
Starlight Swing Night
8 pm
DJ Spinobi
Way Back Wednesdays
Thursday 4-Feb E.N Young and
Imperial Sound
Friday 5-Feb 8 pm
Rock Cats Rock
50's Rockabilly
Saturday 6-Feb The Main Squeeze
Austin Sexton
Funk, Rock, R&B
Sunday 7-Feb  


El Rey Cantina
294 E Main Street
(805) 653-1111
Friday 5-Feb 5-7 pm
Xoco Moraza
& Friends 
9:30 pm
DJ Gold Dust
Saturday 6-Feb 9:30 pm
DJ Erock


The Garage
1091 Scandia Avenue
(805) 647-9681
Monday 1-Feb  
Tuesday 2-Feb  
Wednesday 3-Feb  
Thursday 4-Feb  
Friday 5-Feb 8 pm
The Gears
Angry Samoan Later Years
My Modern Valentine
The Rouse
Tickets $10
Saturday 6-Feb  
Sunday 7-Feb  


Gigi's Cocktail Lounge
2493 Grand Avenue
(805) 642-2411
Monday 1-Feb  
Tuesday 2-Feb  
Wednesday 3-Feb  
Thursday 4-Feb Karaoke
Friday 5-Feb Karaoke
Saturday 6-Feb  
Sunday 7-Feb  


Golden China Restaurant
760 S. Seaward
(805) 652-1188
Monday 1-Feb 10 pm
Tuesday 2-Feb 6 - 10 pm
open mic
10 pm
Wednesday 3-Feb 10 pm
Thursday 4-Feb 6:30 pm
Swing Night
10 pm
Friday 5-Feb 7-9 pm
Polynesian Revue
10 pm
Saturday 6-Feb 7-9 pm
Polynesian Revue
10 pm
Sunday 7-Feb 9:30 pm
Reggae Sundays
10 pm


Gone West Cellars
5963 Olivas Park Drive #A
(805) 206-7651
Friday 5-Feb 6 - 8 pm
JJ Frank
60s-80s Classic Rock & Originals


Grapes and Hops
454 E. Main Street
(805) 616-2375
Monday 1-Feb  
Tuesday 2-Feb  
Wednesday 3-Feb  
Thursday 4-Feb  
Friday 5-Feb Brandon Zahursky
Saturday 6-Feb  
Sunday 7-Feb  


The Greek at the Harbor
1583 Spinnaker Dr #101
(805) 650-5350
Friday 5-Feb 7:30
(Belly Dancing & more)
Live Bouzouki
Greek Music 
Then DJ Dancing
Saturday 6-Feb 7:30
(Belly Dancing & more)
Live Bouzouki
Greek Music 
Then DJ Dancing


Hong Kong Inn
435 Thompson Blvd
(805) 648-3161
Monday 1-Feb 7 pm
Tuesday 2-Feb open mic
Wednesday 3-Feb  
Thursday 4-Feb  
Friday 5-Feb  
Saturday 6-Feb 6 pm
Del Franklin
Smooth Jazz
Sunday 7-Feb  


Keynote Lounge
10245 E Telephone Road
(805) 647-9390
Monday 1-Feb  
Tuesday 2-Feb 9 pm - Midnight
Wednesday 3-Feb 9 pm - Midnight
Thursday 4-Feb 8 pm - Midnight
Open mic night
Friday 5-Feb Chill Factor
Saturday 6-Feb Black Canyon Band
So Cal Rock & Blues
Sunday 7-Feb 7:30 - 11:30 pm


Majestic Ventura Theater
26 S. Chestnut Street
(805) 653-0721


Margarita Villa
1567 Spinnaker Drive
(805) 654-7906


Mia's Place
1129 South Petit Avenue
Monday 1-Feb Open Mic


Now Ventura
185 E. Santa Clara Street
(805) 667-2200


O'Leary's Side Bar
6555 Telephone Road
(805) 6
Saturday 6-Feb 9 pm
O'Leary's East End Blues Band


Pacific View Mall
3301 E. Main Street
(805) 642-5530


2 W. Main Street
(805) 652-1072

Wednesday 3-Feb Karaoke 
Thursday 4-Feb  
Friday 5-Feb DJ  
Saturday 6-Feb DJ  
Sunday 7-Feb  


The Paradise Pantry
222 E. Main Street
(805)  641-9440  


The Patio
Players Casino
6580 Auto Center Drive
(805)  643-1392
Friday 5-Feb Tom and Milo
Blues Country Americana
Saturday 6-Feb Brandon Ragan
R&G Blues Jazz
Sunday 7-Feb  


Pierpont Inn
550 San Jon Road
(805) 643-6144
Friday 5-Feb 6 - 9 pm
Mark Anthony
Saturday 6-Feb 6 - 9 pm
Mark Anthony


Plan B Wine Cellars
3520 Arundell Circle Unit 107
(805) 233-1453


Poinsettia Pavillion
3451 Foothill Road
(805) 648-1143
Monday 1-Feb Monday Night Dance Club
7:30 pm
Dick Parent Band
Ballroom, Latin, Swing & Line Dancing
$11 donation


Prime Steakhouse
& Winebar

2209 E. Thompson Blvd
(805) 652-1055
Monday 1-Feb  
Tuesday 2-Feb 6 pm
Danny D.
Sinatra cover tunes  
Wednesday 3-Feb  
Thursday 4-Feb  
Friday 5-Feb 7-10 pm
Top 40, R&B & Motown
Saturday 6-Feb 7-10 pm
Beach City Sound Club
Classic Top 40 hits
Sunday 7-Feb  

Red Cove  

Red Cove
1809 E. Main Street
(805) 643-1101


The Rhumb Line
1510 Anchor's Way Drive
(805) 642-1200


Rookees Sports Bar
419 E. Main Street
(805) 648-6862
Friday 5-Feb Rotating DJs
Saturday 6-Feb Rotating DJs


Saloon BBQ Co.
456 E. Main Street
(805) 667-8550


Salzer's Records
5777 Valentine Road
(805) 639-2160


Sandbox Coffeehouse
204 E. Thompson Blvd.
(805) 641-1025
Thursday 4-Feb 6 pm
Open mic night
Friday 5-Feb  
Saturday 6-Feb noon
Jon Gindick
Sunday 7-Feb noon
David Bucci


The Sans Souci
21 S. Chestnut Street
(805) 643-4539
Monday 1-Feb Karaoke
Tuesday 2-Feb Transform Tuesday
Wednesday 3-Feb Open mic 
Thursday 4-Feb DJ Spinobi
Friday 5-Feb  
Saturday 6-Feb  
Sunday 7-Feb DJ Darko


Squashed Grapes
2351 E. Main Street

(805) 643-7300
Monday 1-Feb  
Tuesday 2-Feb 7-10 pm
Jazz Jam
Wednesday 3-Feb 7-10 pm
Adam Clark Organ Trio
featuring Carey Frank
Thursday 4-Feb 7-10 pm
Brotherhood Quintet
Friday 5-Feb 7-10 pm
Jazz Hates Johnny
$10 cover
Saturday 6-Feb 7-10 pm
Jennifer Lietham
$10 cover
Sunday 7-Feb  


Star Lounge
343 E. Main Street
(805) 648-4709
Friday 5-Feb Rio Bravo
Saturday 6-Feb Bloody Reunion


Surf Brewery
4561 Market Street
(805) 644-2739
Saturday 6-Feb 6-8 pm
The Catterwailers
eclectic bluegrass


The Tavern
211 E Santa Clara
(805) 643-3264
Monday 1-Feb  
Tuesday 2-Feb Karaoke
Wednesday 3-Feb Metal Wednesday
Heretic AD
Thursday 4-Feb DJs
college night
Friday 5-Feb  
Saturday 6-Feb The Darkside of the Hand
Hard Hop, Hip Hop, Metal, Ethereal
Sunday 7-Feb  


Ventura Harbor
& Carousel Stage

Ventura Harbor
(805) 642-8538


W20 at the Watermark
598 E. Main Street
(805) 643-6800
Friday 5-Feb 6 pm
Karen Eden
Acoustic Favorites
9 - Midnight
Shawn Jones
Rock, Blues, Country, Roots
Saturday 6-Feb 9 - Midnight
The Bomb
Motown, Classic Rock, Funk
Sunday 7-Feb  


175 S. Ventura Avenue


The Wine Rack
14 S. California Street
(805) 653-9463
Monday 1-Feb US Blues Project
Mike Cregan
Tuesday 2-Feb B&V Acoustic
Wednesday 3-Feb Carson Boyd
Thursday 4-Feb Jon Gindick
Friday 5-Feb Coda
Saturday 6-Feb Danielle Stacy
Acoustic Soul
Sunday 7-Feb 2:30 pm
Carson Boyd


The 805 Bar
1575 Spinnaker Drive
(805) 642-9463
Monday 1-Feb  
Tuesday 2-Feb 7 - 10 pm
RJ Mischo &
The Down Home Trio
Traditional Boogie & Blues
Wednesday 3-Feb  
Thursday 4-Feb  
Friday 5-Feb Jerry McWorter
Saturday 6-Feb Noon
Kenny DeVoe
Acoustic Rock & Roll
7 pm
Smokey & Friends
Blues Rock Reggae Soul
Sunday 7-Feb Noon
Kenny DeVoe
Acoustic Rock & Roll


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